Italian Cuisine

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Recipes Included :

1) Authentic Open Garlic Bread
Time - 18:53 minus To 35:20 minus

2) Bruschetta
Time - 36:35 minus to 48:50 minus

3) Vegetable Soup With Pesto Sauce
Time :- Pesto sauce - 49:01 minus to 59:56 minus
Time:- Soup - 1:00:07 minus to 1:13:46 minus

4) Pesto Cheesy Pasta Nuggets
Time:- 1:17:04 minus to 1:34:54 minus

5)Marinara Sauce
Time :- 1:37:39 minus to 1:48:20 minus

6)Broccoli Lasagna

Pasta sheets Time :- 1:52:17s to 2:15:08s
Stuffing Time :- 2:16:43s to 2:24:12s
White sauce time :- 2:16:43s to 2:24:12s
Lasagna Time :- 2:25:22s to 2:36:12s

7) Spinach And Ricotta With Cream Cheese Sauce
Time :- 2:37:59s to 3:05:00s

- Neapolitan Sauce
Time :- 3:13:20s to 3:18:37s

- Stuffing
Time :- 3:18:55s to 3:24:30s

Tortillas -
Time:- 3:26:31s to 3:31:31s

Basil Butter Sauce:-
3:32:03s to 3:34:47s

9) Veg.Cannelloni With Neapolitan Sauce
3:47:45s to 3:56:15s

10)Mushroom Risotto
3:36:50s to 3:45:14s

11) almond Panna cotta with fresh fruit sauce
4:13:50s to 4:30:15s

12)Baked Cheese Pineapple Macaroni
Time :- 3:59:45s to 4:04:18s


The Cooking Journey was started in 1997 by Sneha Thakkar with a simple passion for cooking, is now a renowned culinary expert chef who is commended for her 20 years of unbeatable experience and expertise. She founded the SWAD cooking institute, located at pal, Surat that provides hands-on practice and home chef training to all the enthusiast who likes to cook and stands as one-stop solution for all food concern.

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