Healthy Salads with Dressing Workshop

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Healthy Salad with Dressing: Rs.1500

18 Recipes
1) Greek Salad with French dressing
2) Coconut Couscous Salad
3) Woldorf Salad (New York salad)
4) Russian Salad
5) Healthy sprout, bean, nutty salad
6) Paneer, Feta, Pasta salad with Japanese dressing
7) World Famous Potato Salad
8) Balsamic Dressing
9) French Dressing
10) French Herb Dressing
11) Blue Cheese Dressing
12) Thousand island Sauce
13) Eggless Mayonnaise
14) Healthy Mayonnaise
15) Hot Tawa Salad
Bonus Recipes ( For Idea )
16) Red Hot Slaw
17) Thai Green papaya salad
18) Malaysian Mango Salad


The Cooking Journey was started in 1997 by Sneha Thakkar with a simple passion for cooking, is now a renowned culinary expert chef who is commended for her 20 years of unbeatable experience and expertise. She founded the SWAD cooking institute, located at pal, Surat that provides hands-on practice and home chef training to all the enthusiast who likes to cook and stands as one-stop solution for all food concern.

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