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Exclusive Cup Cake Recipes :-
1) Home Made Butter Cream
2) Home Made Chocolate Butter Cream
3) Home Made Boil Milk Butter Cream
4) Kesar Angoori Cup Cake
5) Dutch Chocolate Truffle Cup Cake
6) American DryFruit Cup Cake
7) Cream Filled Custard Cup Cake
8) Oreo Strawberry Filled Cup Cake
9) Coconut Jalebi Cup Cake
10) Blue Velvety Chessy Cup Cake
11) Raffelo Rocher Italain Cup Cake
12) Chai Masala Cup Cake
13) Biscoff Belgian Cup Cake
14) Tuxedo Cup Cake
15) Cherry Blossom Bliss Cup Cake
16) Raspberry Lemonade Cup Cake
17) Cotton Candy cup Cake
18) Black sesame Matcha cup Cake

Subway Cookies Recipes:-
1) Chilly Cheese Cookies
2) Nutella Thumb Print Cookies
3) Giant Three Way Chocolate Cookies
4) Brookies
5) Spicy Guava Cookies
6) Choco Brownie Biscuit Squares
7) Choco Almond Cookies
8) Double Choco Cookies
9) Jim Jam Biscuits
10) Raisin Oats Subway Cookies
11) Blueberry Cheese Cookies
12) Red Velvet Cheese Cookies
13) Colour Majestic Cookies
14) Nutty Pistachio Paradise Cookies
15) Kitkat Orange Punch Cookies

🎄🎊 Live Christmas Special Baking Class 🎊🎄

1) Dry Fruits Plum Cake
2) Trio Fruit Upside Down Cake
3) Christmas Special House Cake
4) Mini Strawberry Santa ( Kids Special)
5) Wood Log Swiss Roll ( Red Velvet )
6) Almond Oats Dry Cake ( Healthy )
7) Pistachio & Raspberry Bundt Cake

The Cooking Journey was started in 1997 by Sneha Thakkar with a simple passion for cooking, is now a renowned culinary expert chef who is commended for her 20 years of unbeatable experience and expertise. She founded the SWAD cooking institute, located at pal, Surat that provides hands-on practice and home chef training to all the enthusiast who likes to cook and stands as one-stop solution for all food concern.

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