Cafe style coffee & Rolls, Wraps , Frankie Combo

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Coffee making

1) Hot coffee (Dalgano Coffee)
2) Coconut Hot Coffee
3) Coffee Decoction.
4) Orange Cappuccino
5) Hazelnut Frappe.
6) Mocha Tiramisu Coffee
7) Irish Brownie Frappe
8) Java Chip Frappuccino
9) caramel cappuccino
10) Cotton Candy Frappuccino
11) Red Velvet Frappe
12) Irish Coffee Milkshake.
13)Barista Café latte
14) Dublin Dream
15) Café De ola

16. Tortilla
17. Shourma Roti
18. Sweet and Sour sauce
19. Chilli Garlic Chutney
20. Sour Cream
21. Tahini Paste
22 Falafel Roll
23 Tahini Satai Roll
24Potato Cream Cheese Roll
25 Shourma Roll
26 Kathi Roll
27 Mexican Wrap
28. Mumbai Style Frankie
29 Cottage Cheese Corn Frankie
30 Thai Wrap
31 Choco Kitkat Roll
32 peri peri frize frankie

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