Learn 26 types of Starter & Dip Recipes in just 2 days

Recipes (26)

Main Recipes

1) Cheese Balls
2) Hara Bhara Kebab
3) Paneer Mongolian
4) Mexican Roulettes
5) Sabji Ke Kebab
6) Banana Leaf Parcel
7) Potato Nest With Paneer Filling
8) Cashewnut Rolly Polly
9) Sesame Coted Croquetts
10) Paneer & Mushroom Curried Satay
11) Aachari Malai Paneer Tikka
12) Tzatziki Cucumber Dip
13) Coriander Mint Dip
14) French Onion Sip
15) Bell Pepper Dip

Bonus Recipes (For Idea)
16) Beat Root Sushi
17) Beat Root Sushi Fried
18)Potato Nest With Avocado Filling
19) Pistachio Crusted Grap
20) Greek Potato Garlic Dip
21) Salsa Sauce
22) Cheese Sauce
23) Avacado Dip
24) Spicy Cilantro Dip
25) Creamy Spinach Dip
26)Greek Potato Garlic Dip


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Duration: 2 Days
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