Learn 14 Types Of Pasta Recipes In Just 1 Day

Recipes (14)

Main Recipes
1) Indian Makhani Pasta
2) Baked Veg. Bolognese
3) Roasted Tomato Pasta
4) Macaroni in Arrabbiata Sauce
5) Pasta in Garlic Butter Sauce
6) Thai Basil Pasta
7) Fusilli with Basil Coriander Pesto

Bonus Recipes (For Idea)
8) Pasta Mexican Wave
9) Ravioli in Barbeque Sauce
10) Zucchini and Mushroom Pasta
11) Bow with Walnut Sauce
12) Peanut sauce penne
13) Spinach Pasta in Carbonara Sauce
14) Rosemary Chick Pea Pasta

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