Learn 11 types Of Parathas with Dip In Just 1 Day

Recipes (19)

Paratha Corner
1) Stuffed Spicy Potato Paratha
2) Lasuni Pudina Stuffed Paratha
3) Pizza Paratha
4) Broccoli Paneer and Carrot Cheese Layered Paratha
5) Beetroot Moong dal Triangle Paratha
6) Radish Paratha
7) Reshmi Choco Hazelnut Paratha
8) Mughlai Paratha
9) Tasty Surti Lari Paratha (Suryamukhi)
10) Sunflower Paratha

 Bonus Recipes
11) Cheese Mayo Paratha
12) Onion and Meethi Paratha
13) ButterMetha Lachha Paratha
14) Veg.Lachha Paratha
15) Achari Paratha
16) Lachha Paratha

17) Coconut Milk Chili Dip
18) Garlic Coriander Dip
19) Mayo Sour Cream Dip





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Duration: 1 Day
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