Learn 29 Types Of Ice Creams Recipes In Just 2 Days

Recipes (29)

Main Recipes

1) Plane Basic Ice Cream
2) Chocolate Basic Ice Cream
3) Butter Scotch Basic Ice Cream
4) Almond Cadbury
5) Kesar – Pista (Saffron – Pistachio)
6) Rose – Gulkand Ice Cream
7) Pan (Betel Plant Leaf) Pasanda Ice Cream
8) American Dry Fruit Ice Cream
9) Cream And Cookies Ice Cream
10) Blackcurrant Ice Cream
11) Strawberry Ice Cream
12) Cappuccino Coffee Ice Cream
13) Butter Scotch Ice Cream
14) Mava Malai Kulfi
15) Kesar – Pista (Saffron – Pistachio) Kulfi
16) Cold Cocoa
17) Rose Falooda
18) Kesar (Saffron) Falooda

Bonus Recipes (For Idea)
19)Vanilla Ice Cream
20) Vanilla With Chocolate Chips
21) Jelly-Belly Ice Cream
22) Tangy Orange Ice Cream
23) Rajbhog Ice Cream
24) Mava (Khoya) Malai Ice Cream
25) Mint Ice Cream
26) Pineapple Ice Cream
27) Pina Orange Ice Cream
28) Choco Almond Ice Cream
29) Chocolate Kulfi

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Duration: 2 Days
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