Learn 14 types of Chaat Recipes in just 1 day

Recipes (14)
1) Green Chutney (Coriander Chilly)
2) Sweet Chutney (Jaggery Tamarind)
3) Kabuli Chaat
4) Hara Bhara Chaat
5) Multani Chaat
6) Aalu Tikki Chaat
7) Jaipuri Chaat
8) Spicy Garlic Chutney
9) Aalupuri
10) Pan Patta Chaat

Bonus Recipes (For Idea)
11)Chaat Masala
12)Dahi Rasgulla Chaat
13) Panipuri with Piana Twist
14) Mexican Chaat Puri

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Duration: 1 Day
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